Freestanding Stone Baths

freestanding-stone-bath-Woollahra-NSW-2025-15The ever-innovative sector of fashion and lifestyle for home items continues to make life more luxurious than in the past. In recent years there has been serious development of various home improvement furniture and equipment, and the freestanding stone bath is one of them. These bath tubs have made a big impact on the home bathroom market and many people are finding them to be a great choice in place of a regular bath tub in many ways. Homeowners all over Australia are installing freestanding baths to replace their old rectangular acrylic tubs. If you would like to improve the appearance of your bathroom, purchasing a freestanding stone bath tub is a simple and relatively inexpensive option.

To shed more light on freestanding bath, these baths are used for taking baths just like any other bathing tabs. The main difference between these new types and the old bath tubs is they are not fixed and therefore can be moved around easily. At the same time, they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The size is usually based on the length of the basin or bath tab.

freestanding-stone-bath-Woollahra-NSW-2025-31Oval and rectangle are the most common shapes of stone bath tubs. The edges may be geometrical and angles or curved and smooth. Because freestanding stone baths come in many shapes, they are ideal for fitting into most bathrooms hence making them flexible and convenient. Due to the variety of sizes, you will not be forced to start making additional space to fit the bath in your bathroom. Many people decide to place the bath in another spot and not necessarily in the bathroom; such as in a corner of the bedroom.

The bigger-sized freestanding stone baths are majorly used to accommodate two people. You will also find them frequently in the spa and massage industry, where the bath stone can have mini-jets at the bottom to let in warm air. A modification of the mini-jets is the use of water jets mixed with air that can be adjusted to suit the preference of the client. This makes taking a bath a very relaxing experience, and does wonders for tired and aching muscles.

freestanding-stone-bath-Woollahra-NSW-2025-19In addition to the size and shape of freestanding stone baths, they have several other features which help characterise them. They have a natural feel of stone but are silky smooth to touch. Not only is the stone resistant to fire, bacteria and mold, but they furthermore retain the heat of the water very well. The oval or somewhat curved rectangular shape makes them extremely attractive. Last, but not least, they also offer a very comfortable and pleasant bathing experience.

Freestanding baths may not always appear so, but, they are firm and stable. They will not topple easily. They are strong and don’t break easily even when subjected to pressure. In the event of a chip, a repair is easy and can be done yourself.

For a contemporary look to your house, go ahead and consider installinga freestanding stone bath tub. You will most certainly enjoy your bathing time more and not be disappointed with your purchase.